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We mill our timber

We have a Lucas portable mill that we take to the trees. This is a very low impact harvest and production system because it significantly reduces transport effects. Only sawn timber is moved rather than the bulk and waste of transporting whole logs.

We will often work with firewood contractors who cut up what isn’t good enough for us to mill. It is an ideal utilisation of the whole tree. When we mill from farm shelter belts or woodlots we can recover some very fine timber from these weathered trees.

The Lucas mill is a “swing-blade” type that cuts vertically first and is swung horizontal for the return cut. It can all be packed into (and on) a Hiace van and can be run by two people. The 23Hp engine drives a large 5 toothed blade at high speed and will cut up a big log without much trouble at all.

We buy logs, and do contract milling too.

Have some logs you need milled, or want to sell? Get in touch with us to see how we can help.