Our Story

Our Beliefs

MacBlack is about finding and utilising beautiful timber. 

We love wood and believe it should be used more in construction and everyday life. 

Wood is a natural product that can be sustainably produced. We believe that almost every board contains a useful bit of timber, and we are always looking for new ways to get more out of the timber we have.

Our Origins

MacBlack timber was established by Richard Thompson, whose family owns Papaiti Forest, a key source for MacBlack’s supply. Richard is a consultant facilitator who also has experience in construction project management. Some of the images on this site are from his new house that was framed in Macrocarpa and contains many other timber features. 

Our Service

We are ready to supply timber in small or large quantities – as sawn timber, or finished and ready to use. We have an increasing range of species and grades – if you are after something special, just ask.

We have a yard at 44 Peat Street, Whanganui and can meet you there to view samples and discuss options.

Drying – all milled timber is filleted and air-dried which can take at least a year for thicker pieces. We also have a dehumidifying kiln to finish timber for interior joinery, especially floors. Minimum quantities apply although we can sometimes fit in smaller amounts with other loads.

We will also mill your trees on contract for you to use your own timber – please contact us for details.

Our milling team is headed by Ross Greenbank, who has years of experience with portable and fixed sawmills. 

MacBlack is always looking for logs to mill so if you have trees other than Pine get in touch and we will appraise. Small quantities can be ok if the tree is right – recently we milled a Redwood in a backyard in Whanganui and recovered 2.8m3 of fine boards.