Timber ceilings and walls can be a striking aesthetic in a home.

TGV Panelling

We stock TGV (tongue & groove with a 'V' where they meet) panelling in the following timbers:

  • Macrocarpa
  • Poplar
  • Redwood
  • Blackwood


Our panelling comes in two widths, 85mm and 130mm. This measurement is the effective cover of each board (i.e. it does not include the tongue).

The standard thickness is 19mm, but we can also provide 12mm and 10mm panelling. 


The standard grade for our panelling is no.1 panelling grade. This grade allows for any number of tights knots, as well as some small black knots or other marks. In some timbers we can offer no.2 panelling grade (larger tight knots, more black knots) or clears (free from knots). The grade is determined from the best face of the board. 

Please get in touch for pricing.