A timber floor can really enhance the look of your home.


We can run flooring in the following speices:

  • Tasmanian blackwood (acacia melanoxylon)
  • English elm (ulmus procera)
  • Mountain ash (eucalyptus regnans)
  • Sydney blue gum (eucalyptus saligna)
  • Macrocarpa (cypressus macrocarpa)


We can supply flooring in two grades:

  • Premium - mostly clear, with the odd small tight knot & blemish.
  • Standard/feature - most tight knot, with sections of clear and may include the odd black knot that can be docked or filled.

We also have a small amount of seconds available at a significantly reduced price.


The standard dimensions for flooring are:

  • 130x19
  • 85x19

It can also be possible to run flooring at a 10mm and 12mm thickness for overlay.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.