Roughsawn timber comes in a range of species, grades and sizes.

MacBlack Timber offers a range of quality timbers, locally-grown and harvested in New Zealand, in a variety of grades and dimensions—see our species list below. Customers can select their own boards from our retail racks at our yard in Whanganui. For larger orders, or to organise delivery around New Zealand, please get in touch.



Macrocarpa – C. macrocarpa
Ovens cypress – C. ovensii
Mexican cypress – C. lusitanica
Leylands cypress – C. leylandii


Blackwood – A. melanoxylon
Silver wattle – A. dealbata


Mountain Ash – E. regnans
Brown Barrel – E. fastigata
Southern mahogany – E. botryoides
Blackbutt – E. pilularis
White Stringybark – E. globoidea
Yellow Stringybark – E. muelleriana
Tallowwood – E. microcorys
Silver top Stringybark – E. laevopinea


English Elm – Ulmus procera
English Oak – Quercus robur
Coast Redwood – Sequoia sempervirens

Himalayan Cedar – Cedrus deodara
Poplar (Populus nigra/deltoides/yunnanensis hybrids)


Standard dimensions:

  • Width: 50, 100, 150, 200mm

  • Thickness: 25, 40, 50, 100mm


Clear - Clear 3 sides, very minor marks

Dressing/SelectMostly clear but with small occasional faults such as small black knot or tight knot etc. Ability to select clear lengths for joinery.

No. 1 panellingTight knot, occasional black mark or small bark inclusion

MerchLarger tight knots, black knots and bark inclusions

Boxing/garden - No limit on knots, splits, sap, bark inclusions, insect damage, small pockets of dry rot etc

Learn more about timber grades here.


Please get in touch for a copy of the current price list.